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    42 Problem-Solving Products Under ₹500 That You Will Be Grateful For

    Say bye to all your problems immediately.

    1. Use this cute organiser to make your dresser neater, and to avoid spending half the morning rummaging for your stuff - ₹228

    2. This sanitiser-cum-moisturising cream that will keep your hands supple and clean - ₹395

    3. Clean up all the crevices and gaps on your keyboard, mouse, speakers, headphones and workspace with this cleaning slime gel - ₹189

    4. A shampoo brush that will allow you to cleanse the depths of your hair, will get rid of dandruff, and is bound to make you feel oh-so-relaxed - ₹349

    5. Get these RFID-proof pouches to keep your debit and credit cards super safe (Set of 3) - ₹229

    6. This soap and sponge organiser for your kitchen sink so your counters don't end up being a sticky soapy mess. You can even use it for your bathroom basin to store toiletries - ₹249

    7. Flexible silicone ice cube trays that come with a lid so you don't have to walk that precarious walk towards your freezer, and you can shove them in between all the packages (Pack of 2) - ₹225

    8. Save up on your closet space with these hangers that have five layers (Set of 5) - ₹347

    9. Guys, get those sharp and slick edges with this beard stencil and comb. Shape your beard in the comfort of your own home, instead of going to the barber! You can use this tool with a razor, trimmer, or clipper - ₹195

    10. A drain filter to make the process of cleaning drains a little less gross - ₹109

    11. Get rid of dark circles and puffiness with this superb under-eye gel. It'll keep your eye area taut, healthy, and moisturised - ₹145

    12. Don't let half-eaten food like chips, biscuits, cereal, veggies, fruits, bread (basically anything that comes in bags) go stale with these sealing clips - ₹95 for a pack of 18 clips

    13. Use these mattress corner fasteners so your sheets stay in one place no matter how much you toss and turn (Pack of 4) - ₹399

    14. Bio-oil is the solution to all your skin's needs! I mean, it fades scars, reduces stretch marks, and works well on ageing and dehydrated skin. Plus, it has 3,000+ 5⭐ ratings on Amazon - ₹360

    15. These cable protectors that will save your cords from fraying so you won't have to replace them every 6 months (Pack of 8) - ₹149

    16. Tired of spending hours getting the perfect wing on BOTH eyes? Get this eyeliner that comes with a stamp to speed up the process - ₹260

    17. This BPA-free wine stopper for the rare occasion when you don't finish off the bottle in one sitting. And look how CUTE it is!! You can get it on Amazon for ₹178.

    18. A satin hair bonnet that will tame frizzy hair overnight and retain its moisture too. Wake up with your hair already done - ₹499

    19. Want a quick fix to keep your tangled and messy cables at bay? Get these cable organising clips - ₹359 for a pack of 10

    20. Rubber gloves to keep your hands healthy and safe from dish-washing soaps and detergents - ₹299

    21. Ensure your drawers are ultra neat and tidy with this honeycomb-style organiser for your underwear, innerwear, socks, toiletries, makeup products - ₹249

    22. Airtight mason jars so your candy, biscuits, cereal, chips, sev, nuts remain as crunchy as ever - ₹398 for set of 4

    23. Dry shampoo for those days when you don't have enough time to wash your hair (or TBH you're just feeling lazy) - ₹499

    24. You should get these mesh bags for fruits and veggies to keep them fresh for longer periods of time now that you're buying them in bulk. The bags are durable, reusable and will save fridge space. Plus, they're great for the environment (Pack of 6) - ₹229

    25. Tuck away chargers, adapters, flash drives, cables, and all your bits and bobs in this organiser that has separate compartments and mesh pockets for safe storage - ₹399

    26. Get these leak-proof silicone lids that'll fit over any container so your food stays fresh and you don't turn your kitchen upside down searching for the original lid - ₹290 for six lids of different sizes

    27. Rid your life of one of its most annoying problems - PIMPLES. Use these acne patches and watch pimples vanish like magic - ₹299

    28. This vegetable chopper so you don't have teary eyes and a blotchy face while slicing onions. It has over 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon - ₹279

    29. A pet hair remover to remove all the pesky fur that's stuck to your bed, couch, clothes, blanket, chair.....everything - ₹439

    30. Treat your pearly whites to some brightening and whitening care with this organic charcoal powder. It works great on all stains (especially tea and coffee), has a lovely peppermint fragrance, and is pretty inexpensive - ₹279 for 50 grams

    31. A bottle opener for when you struggle with a lid and don't want/have any help - ₹345

    32. A splatter guard to keep your kitchen counters spic and span, so you don't have a horrible mess to clean up the second you look away from the stove - ₹449

    33. These makeup shields so you can create flawless eye and lip looks without any makeup residue ruining your foundation! You can also use them to line your eyes in one clean stroke instead of looking like a panda trying to perfect both eyes (Pack of 20) - ₹249

    34. Skip all the multiple trips to unload your grocery bags with this handle with which you carry all of them at once (Pack of 2) - ₹249

    35. Get rid of adamant blackheads and whiteheads with this cleansing charcoal peel-off mask - ₹199

    36. A 6-in-1 cleaning kit for your electronic devices and optical wear. It contains everything you'll require for a thorough clean - Q-tips, an air blower, a suede cloth, a microfiber cloth, a brush, and cleaning solution - ₹279

    37. This silicone spatula and brush set so you can properly grease your pans and pots without any buttery fingers - ₹130

    38. A storage pouch, which you can hang anywhere, for your trinkets, knickknacks and, honestly, all the little things you haven't assigned a place to - ₹199

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    39. Make sure your sinks and basins are spotless with this 360° rotating faucet attachment which also helps save water! It's also great for washing fruits and veggies - ₹249

    40. Arrange your hair-styling tools and toiletries in this wall-mounted bracket, which is extremely easy to install - ₹399

    41. Sturdy gloves that come with built-in claws to facilitate easy digging. These gloves are very handy for digging, raking, and are puncture-proof so you don't have be concerned about dealing with thorns or any sharp objects in the soil - ₹249

    42. Epsom bath salt is incredible for tackling muscle pain and aches, it may look boring but it does wonders for your body - ₹265