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    19 Practical Products Under ₹1000 That Are Actually Pretty Cool

    The coolness quotient has risen up significantly.

    1. This magnetic planner sheet that you stick on your fridge for noting down important things like To-Dos, grocery lists and meal prep - ₹449

    2. Or get this magnetic memo pad that is very minimalist and won't take up a lot of space - ₹199

    3. A laundry folding board to finally get the task of organising your clothes underway- ₹699

    4. Wearing a mask with your glasses on is the WORST COMBINATION EVER. Make sure you don't end up stumbling around because your glasses have fogged up with this fog repelling spray. It's a lifesaver - ₹335

    5. This tasteful wine organising rack so you can show off all your... empty bottles? - ₹649

    6. These blue light blocking glasses that will filter out all the glare from your TV screen or computer so your eyes don't get too strained and tired - ₹499

    7. An eyeliner that comes with a stamp so you can achieve those sharp wings in less than 5 minutes instead of ending up looking like a panda after 2 hours of tiring mehnat - ₹195

    8. A shampoo brush that will allow you to cleanse the depths of your hair, will get rid of dandruff, and is bound to make you feel oh-so-relaxed - ₹269

    9. Keep yourself super hydrated with this infusing water bottle! Use herbs, citrus fruits, and berries to make yummilicious concoctions - ₹649

    10. This peeling and exfoliating foot mask enriched with sea kelp, thyme, and Brassica Campestris to say goodbye to dry and callused feet. Hello, soft and nourished feet! - ₹605

    11. Use this multipurpose no-touch key to safely handle all functions that require some sort of hand contact - opening doors, using public touchscreens, and pressing buttons - ₹349

    12. A clip-on lamp to so you can read late into the night without disturbing anyone - ₹299

    13. Get rid of all the gunk clogging up the pores of your face with this electric cleaner. It's designed to effectively deal with blackheads, acne, and grease - ₹499

    14. This vegetable chopper so you don't have teary eyes and a blotchy face while slicing onions. It has over 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon - ₹279

    15. Label all the unnamed powders in your kitchen with these cute chalkboard stickers so you don't accidentally add salt to your tea - ₹129

    16. Use this nifty slicer to chop up melons, pineapples, citrus fruits in literal seconds - ₹439

    17. Stack your books on these floating bookshelves that will both clean your space up and add a whimsical touch to it - ₹599

    18. Make refreshing and delicious popsicles in customised flavours using these moulds that are BPA-free and reusable - ₹320

    19. And finally, this clip-on colander so you don't pour pasta or rice down the drain along with the water - ₹199