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    Own 2020 With These 16 Nifty Products

    You're gonna wanna ~own~ these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Rid your life of one of its most annoying problems - PIMPLES. Use these acne patches and watch pimples vanish like magic (Pack for 40) - ₹1,604

    What do users love about it?

    The patches are AMAZING at protecting and ultimately getting rid of pimples (all within just 2-3 days). They are so thin and transparent that they can be worn when you go out or even under makeup, and they improve your skin drastically.

    2. Amp up your productivity with a "high performance" planner, which is essentially a 2-in-1 planner and journal to help you prioritise like a pro, think more strategically, and stay more focused - ₹1,452

    What do users love about it?

    The morning/evening journalling questions, the price point, and some users even noticed a huge change in their efficiency and productivity. The planner is motivating, easy to use, and makes you reflect on your choices and way of life.

    3. Wanna plan your life efficiently AND save paper? Get this dry erase planner board that has a 7-day undated calendar on it, a Notes section, and a TO-DO section - ₹4,125

    What do users love about it?

    The board isn't too big (20" x 30"), the frame is pretty, and it's very easy to mount. The blocks are large and can fit lots of information, and it's magnetic!

    4. Metal straws have become SO mainstream. Take a detour and get these silicone straws that are wide enough for thick shakes, smoothies, and bubble teas - ₹699

    What do users love about them?

    The straws are really great for kids, are eco-friendly, and the diameter is perfect for any kind of beverage.

    5. Say bye-bye to seemingly eternal dark circles with this luxe under-eye sleeping mask - ₹895

    What do users love about it?

    The product is extremely lightweight, has a gentle fragrance, and it keeps your skin bouncy and hydrated. Plus, it's non-sticky and non-greasy!

    6. If your resolution is to start having some adventures this year, make them all the more memorable with this travel journal (200 pages, 80 GSM) - ₹242

    What do users love about it?

    The design of the diary is lovely, especially the word "adventures" in silver on the front cover. And every page has a dedicated space at the bottom of each page for drawings and doodles.

    7. Treat your pearly whites to some brightening and whitening care with this charcoal powder (50 grams) - ₹279

    What do users love about it?

    The powder works great on all stains (especially tea and coffee), it has a lovely peppermint fragrance, and is pretty inexpensive. And, it's organic.

    8. If you're DONE with feeling like death and need some immediate relief after a fun night out drinking, these pills are what you need! They're chewable and come in a yummy berry flavour - ₹3,679

    What do users love about it?

    These tablets are vegan, get rid of headaches and any kind of fatigue, and they also work for travel/altitude sickness! So ya, no more hangovers from 2020.

    9. Become a little more organised with these hangers which have a velvet surface and notches to prevent your tank tops and satin blouses from slipping off (Pack of 30) - ₹1,029

    What do users love about them?

    The hangers are durable, they save A LOT of space in your closet and getting 30 hangers at this price is a total steal.

    10. Save all the money you spend on store-bought coffee and frappes with this cold brew maker which can also be used to make some yum infused water - ₹999

    What do users love about it?

    The whole "brewing" and infusing process becomes so easy with this jar! It's easy to clean, and you can also keep it in your refrigerator if you have some coffee remaining.

    11. Say no to messy bed hair and acne with these opulent satin pillowcases that will also do the job of making you feel like a ~princess~ - ₹599

    What do users love about them?

    There are so many things to love about the pillowcases! They're snugly, reduce hairfall due to less static friction as compared to cotton cases, and they'll transform your facial skin (literally).

    12. Give yourself some slack and focus on improving your mental health with this fun de-stressing activity book for adults - ₹536

    What do users love about it?

    The book contains puzzles of all levels so you don't feel daunted, as well as give your mind something to think about instead of life's daily struggles and problems.

    13. And you could even get this set of essential oils for some well-deserved relaxation and mental peace - ₹849

    What do users love about it?

    The HUGE variety of oils (you get 9 different flavours ranging from peppermint to Mandarin) that are multipurpose - use them in your bath, soak your feet in some infused warm water, make your home's energy more positive by putting them in a diffuser... yup!

    14. If cooking is one of the tasks that you dread the most, make it amazingly easier with this vegetable chopper so you don't have teary eyes and a blotchy face even while slicing onions. It's time to enter the kitchen, babe – ₹209

    What do users love about it?

    The plastic bowl is large and therefore it becomes easy to hold the container during the process, the build quality is great, and just the fact that you don't have to worry about knives and spending hella time chopping up stuff.

    15. Ironing crinkly shirts when you're bleary-eyed and out of time them is the worst part of every morning. Save some time and effort with a handheld steamer that you can also use on your face - ₹699

    What do users love about it?

    The steamer is so so so easy to use! It's safer than an iron and you can even carry it with you when you're travelling. Plus, you can give yourself some spa feelz with it.

    16. And, oh yes, STOP paying atrocious fees to gyms (I know it's your resolution for 2020) and start exercising at home or in the garden using this versatile yoga mat - ₹1,680

    What do users love about it?

    The design of the mat is very premium, it does not skid or slip, it's extremely easy to carry around, and it's very comfortable to exercise on.

    Hello, *new* sport.

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