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    19 Products To Make The Most Important Room In Your House More Pretty And Less Messy

    The place where you spend the most time needs to look nice, no?

    1. Make your kitchen a playful space with these punny chalkboard frames that are just too adorable to not buy - ₹499

    4 chalkboard frames hung up on a kitchen wall. They have punny quotes on them like, "Catch you on the flip side", "Wok this way", "Begin each day with a grateful heart", and "Roll with it".

    2. This gorgeous marble contact paper to amp up the aesthetic of walls, counters, tables or cabinets. It's easy to stick on and even easier to peel off - ₹499

    3. Some stunning mosaic stickers for the wall right behind your stove to avoid splashing your walls with ugly oil stains. The stickers are anti-mark, oil-proof, and extremely easy to clean - ₹429

    4. This really adorable magnetic holder that you can use to house hydroponic plants on your fridge! You can even use it for holding pens so you don't have to rummage around the house while creating a quick checklist - ₹699

    An elongated red, white, and yellow magnetic holder that's housing a plant. A person is sticking it on a fridge door.

    5. These really cool chalkboard-style labels to mark all the stuff in your kitchen from masalas to prepped meals to things you have to eat first (80 pieces) - ₹199

    Jars of olive oil and pickled cucumbers marked with the chalkboard sticker

    6. Get these stackable refrigerator bins to properly organise and store your stuff without cramming everything in and losing out on space. You get 2 wide bins (for fruits, meat and veggies), 2 narrow bins (for condiments, cans, yogurts and snacks), 1 egg holder (stores 14 eggs), and 1 drink holder (stores 9 cans) - ₹8,095 (MRP ₹10,870)

    7. Keep your countertops and shelves tidy with this really cool revolving spice rack. This spice rack can fit 16 spices, and each jar has a capacity of 120 ml. And yup, they have both shaker and pour options - ₹537

    8. Use this cutlery caddy for all your spoons, forks, knives, and chopsticks. Each holder has holes at the bottom so you don't have to wait for each piece to dry before putting it in - ₹549

    9. This chalkboard decal that you can put up in the kitchen to quickly jot down To-Dos and meal plans in a chic rustic fashion. It comes with chalks! - ₹289

    10. Add a touch of sophistication and drama with these gorgeous hanging pendant lights. They create a focused source of light to create an intimate and comfy atmosphere - ₹699

    Three black pendant lights hanging above a circular dining table.

    11. This self-adhesive film to give glass cabinets the illusion of frosted glass so you don't have to worry about them being properly organised at all times. No one will notice the messes you're hiding 😋 - ₹299

    12. This intricately designed wall-mounted holder to make plain ole paper napkins and towels look so much fancier - ₹308

    13. A pair of cereal dispensers to make rustling up breakfast (and in some cases, dinner) less of a task! They'll also make your kitchen look aesthetically put together - ₹1,999

    14. This rack to keep your kitchen counters spic and span in case you're low on cabinet space. It can hold plates, lids, knives, chopping boards - ₹529

     A knife, glass lid, and chopping board kept in the rack.

    15. Plants introduce vitality and life to spaces, and what better than these aesthetically pleasing metal planters to hold them? - ₹1,699

    Three white and gold metal plant holders.

    16. Add a pop of colour to your walls and change the entire vibe of the room with this fun set of frames! They are very easy to put up too - ₹825

    A set of colourful frames with different prints and slogans

    17. Make your kitchen a mess-free zone with this 4-tier space-saving rack that has wheels so you can slip it into any gap with complete ease. It's great for storing spices, cereals, grains, glassware and all the other random stuff you haven't assigned a place to - ₹849

    The rack being used to store kitchen products like cereal, pasta, sauces, and glassware.

    18. These cute li'l chef hooks for holding plugs, wires, napkins, and towels. They're durable, self-adhesive, and won't ruin walls - ₹449

    19. Rid your kitchen of grubby sponges and wasteful paper cloths, and get these 100% cotton washcloths that are both sustainable and so lovely to look - ₹389 for a set of 8

    The washcloths are aqua in colour and are kept in a cane basket. There are bottles of milk, eggs, and plate of strawberries placed near it the basket.