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    19 Fun Present Ideas If You Can't Figure Out What To Gift Your Sibling

    Alas, some bicker-free hours.

    1. A Polaroid camera to capture memories in an instant! It's originally for ₹5,530 but you can get it for only ₹3,999 RN!

    The cam comes with a hands strap, lens attachment, and 2 AA batteries. Polaroid shots also look gorgeous as decor items, especially with fairy lights, or you can just stick them on you fridge!

    And, oh yes, get Polaroid photo sheets here.

    2. Get them a box of premium Belgian chocolates and they'll love you FOREVER (20 pieces) - ₹1,299

    Get it here.

    3. Or this classic Cadbury Celebrations pack which is stocked with scrumptious chocolates and is always the best go-to gift option - ₹319

    Get it here.

    4. If your sibling is a coffee freak, they could most definitely use this insulated tumbler (470 ml) - ₹1,099

    The tumbler keeps your beverages hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12 hours, and it fits well in any standard cup holder.

    5. A wireless charger so they FINALLY stop eyeing (and sneaking away with) your phone charger - ₹1,499

    The charger functions in three modes - 5W (standard charge mode), 7.5W (fast charge mode), and 10W (fast charge mode). It supports both Android and iOS phones, and the best part is that it goes automatically chooses the mode after detecting your device. It also goes to sleep mode as soon as your device is completely charged.

    6. This pretty cool holographic backpack which boasts of a lightweight design and huge storage space - ₹1,599

    Get it here!

    7. A "one line a day" diary to gradually develop the habit of writing a journal. Baby steps - ₹1,204

    The journal takes away the daunting task of writing pages of diary entries, and it lasts for 5 years!

    8. A big box of the classic desi lollipops, Imli Pops (!) to hit them right in the feels and remind them of all those childhood afternoons of pure joy (Pack of 50) - ₹250

    Get it here!

    9. Cards Against Humanity, a hilarious game that both of you can finally bond over - ₹1,999

    Get the pack here.

    10. Get them this bracelet that has a motivational quote inscribed on it, so they know you always have their back - ₹299

    It's chic, it's minimal, and it's made out of stainless steel - won't harm skin and the colour won't fade.

    11. This mug which features all your conversations and dialogues - ₹299

    Material: Ceramic | Quantity: 330 ml | Microwave-safe

    12. An Amazon Fire TV stick, which turns any TV into a smart TV, for all media streaming buffs. The stick comes loaded with apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Apple TV, Sony LIV, and others! It's equipped with Alexa too. The setup is very easy, all you need is a HDMI port on your TV and an Amazon account. - ₹3,999

    Get it here.

    13. Sister Of My Heart, a heartwarming book about two sisters and their strangely intertwined lives, by the brilliant Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - ₹399

    Get it here.

    14. The Saregama Carvaan 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker. It supports USB/Bluetooth, has an in-built FM/AM, radio, and also has a 3.5mm jack for connecting AUX cables or earphones. The sound is AMAZING. The speaker is especially a lovely gift for people who love retro songs, and comes pre-loaded with 351 Bollywood classics. - ₹1,930

    Get it here!

    15. If your sibling is a bit of a fancy pants, this basket loaded with gourmet goodies is bound to make 'em happy - ₹2,799

    Get the basket here!

    16. These headphones by JBL which boast of some serious bass action. The headphones come with an inbuilt mic, call and audio controls on the cups, and have a battery life of 11 hours - ₹2,849

    Get them here.

    17. A wallet, keyring, and pen combo which makes a classy and useful gift - ₹610

    Get it here!

    18. A mug so they always have a reminder of how amazing they are - ₹240

    The mug holds up to 350ml, and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

    19. And, if you can't choose, you can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card which is available from ₹500 onward.

    Get it here.