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    18 Freedom Sale Deals On Organisation Products To Avoid All Sorts Of Messes

    Welcome to being an adult.

    1. Your fridge might be a hot mess right now and these baskets are the best way to deal with that! They can hold fruits, veggies, jars, bottles, cans....well almost everything that's in your fridge - ₹429 (MRP: ₹859)

    Rectangular plastic baskets holding fruits, veggies, sauce jars, and cans

    2. These shelf separators to finally divide the ever-growing pile of clothes in your cupboard into neat sections (Pack of 2) - ₹999 (MRP: ₹2,499)

    Shelf separators diving napkins into neat piles

    3. This intricately designed wall-mounted holder to make plain ole paper napkins and towels look so much fancier - ₹149 (MRP: ₹599)

    4. A set of wooden wall shelves that literally scream, "Organisation, but make it home decor!" - ₹719 (MRP: ₹2,749)

    Cubical wooden shelves used to hold glass bowls, lamps, and a small trunk

    5. Keep your kitchen neat and make it look fancy with this matching set of steel canisters. They have clear windows on them so you can see what you're reaching out for before turning the kitchen upside down (Set of 6) - ₹2,064 (MRP: ₹2,220)

    The steel canister has an oval window to see what's stored inside. This particular one is used to store peanuts.

    6. Take advantage of all the dead space in your house with this under-the-shelf wire basket for all knickknacks like canned goods, paper towels, and cleaning cloths, stationery - ₹499 (MRP: ₹599)

    7. A jewellery organiser to arrange your earrings and neck pieces in a clean and systematic manner - ₹579 (MRP: ₹1,499)

    8. A laundry bag from Ikea so your clothes aren't scattered all over the place. You can stow it in a closet or hang it up too - ₹590 (MRP: ₹1,499)

    9. Use this cutlery caddy for all your spoons, forks, knives, and chopsticks. Each holder has holes at the bottom so you don't have to wait for each piece to dry before putting it in - ₹549 (MRP: ₹999)

    10. This compartmentalised organiser to store ties, socks, bras, underwear, napkins, handkerchiefs, makeup, and toiletries - ₹299 (MRP: ₹499)

    Clothes, napkins, and ties kept in the organiser

    11. Store your cables, cords, USB drives, cell phones, chargers, and all the other electronic accessories you own in this large and portable organiser - ₹499 (MRP: ₹999)

    12. This hanger with dedicated circular slots to arrange stoles, scarves, dupattas, belts, and other accessories - ₹225 (MRP: ₹499)

    Scarves arranged on the circular loops of the hanger

    13. This shower curtain that comes with a total of 9 pockets to accommodate every product you own and your phone without having to buy shelves, racks and cabinets - ₹4,032

    14. These clothes organisers for all your sarees, lehengas, and the stuff you don't wear very often. Out of sight, out of mind - ₹236 (MRP: ₹249)

    Sarees kept in a black and white polka dot clothes organiser with a transparent window.

    15. Stop buying container sets and store pasta, grains, cereal, and other dry foodstuffs in this multipurpose jar that'll also do the job of keeping everything super fresh - ₹334 (MRP: ₹599)

    A person pouring pulses out of the jar. It has different sections for storing different foodstuffs at the same time.

    16. Keep all the stuff your don't use daily in these super efficient under-the-bed storage box - ₹1,599 (MRP: ₹1,999)

    17. These airtight containers from Tupperware to keep products like tea, coffee and sugar dry and prevent clumping. You can stack them on each other to save some cupboard space - ₹810 (MRP: ₹1,080)

    18. A set of clear folders to organise and safely store documents, important papers, and certificates. They take up minimal space and are easy to carry along as well - ₹89 (MRP: ₹399)

    A clear folder used to store papers

    19. These multipurpose self-adhesive hooks for cooking tools and accessories, cleaning equipment, hair styling tools, jewellery, clothes, and napkins - ₹399 (MRP: ₹999)