19 Super Cool Things That All 90s And 00s Indian Kids Wish Would Make A Comeback

    The world would be such a better place if it still had everything on this list.

    1. This packet of crispy chocolate-filled goodness. Hundreds of packets TBH. Cadbury Bytes is a G.O.A.T level snack and we should honestly start a petition to bring it back!

    a packet of cadbury bytes

    2. Hanging up on someone has never been cooler than on a flip phone. I need that kind of *mic drop* sass again.

    A flip phone

    3. Who doesn't miss the good old days with a glossy Champak in your hands? It was the perfect companion for school breaks, long train rides, or when you pretended to study but had one of these comics hidden between the pages of your book.

    A collage of champak comic books

    4. This game that I've personally spent entire afternoons playing. Can anyone else hear a distant mom-voiced yell?

    Pinball, the computer game

    5. This brilliant version of Perk that hit all the right spots.

    A perk chocolate bar

    6. This electric blue drink that made us feel like we were guzzling down a potion that'd give us superpowers.

    A bottle of pepsi blue

    7. I'm totally up for bingeing new episodes of this super fun and heartwarming show.

    A still from the show Shararat in which Jiya, her mother, and her grandmother are smiling and performing a spell

    8. This coveted game that you and your sibling most definitely fought over for.

    9. These chips that'd probably be an amazing snack during a Netflix binge fest.

    A packet of Hippo chips in the flavour Indian Chatpata

    10. We absolutely should bring slam books back because they're so much better than awkward chats and unwanted phone calls, just to get to know someone.

    A filled out slam book

    11. Original Cartoon Network shows that I'd still be very happy to watch.

    Stills from Dexter's Laboratory and Courage the Cowardly Dog.

    12. A massive cassette collection with a song description pamphlet. Bring back those peaceful evenings!

    13. While we're on the topic of music and cassettes, nothing spelt clout more than this device.

    A portable cassette player latched on a person's belt.

    14. These yummy "cigarettes" that made us feel like the coolest person around (minus any of the health risks, of course).

    A pack of cigarette-shaped mint candy

    15. This "accurate" future-telling method that's bound to give us at least a tiny bit of hope in these uncertain times.

    Someone playing a game of colourman

    16. Film cameras that fit right into today's aesthetic and capture our authentic selves.

    17. Disney Channel shows — Wizards of Waverly Place, That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire....who wouldn't want these streaming again?

    A collage of Raven-Symoné from That's So Raven and Selena Gomez from Wizards of Waverly Place

    18. One of the most epic pranks ever. My parents straight up refused to get me this.

    19. And we could all use a long summer vacation peppered with games, adventures, ice-cream, and endless glasses of Rasna.

    A pack of orange flavoured Rasna