17 Moments From "Stranger Things" That Made Me Cry My Eyes Out

    July can't come any sooner.

    Well, Stranger Things Season 4, Volume I, has ended and we're dangling right on the edge of a shocking cliffhanger. No surprises there! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    In anticipation of Volume II, I compiled a few scenes from the series so far that made me sniffle, tear up, cry, and bawl like a baby.


    1. When Eleven saved Mike, and Dustin had some proud words to say.

    A boy wearing a cap shouts. A girl stands behind him

    2. Hopper's letter to El. Enough said. 😭

    A girl cries

    3. When this flashback shows us how Eleven had been similarly bullied in the past.

    A collage of girls at a skating rink and bullying a girl who is scared, and girls in a mental institution confronting one particular girl

    4. The writers have a strange habit of introducing characters, making us fall in love with them, and then killing them off...

    A man, covered in blood, dies

    5. Exhibit 2:

    A man cries while someone cradles his face

    6. They did the same thing with this cutie, who we barely knew, but loved so much!

    A bespectacled man stares shockingly at his hand. He is attending a fair

    7. When Dustin spruces up and is left alone at the school dance.

    Boys and girls dance while holding each other. One boy stands alone in the centre

    8. When Hawkins is no longer safe for the Byers family and Eleven, and they have to leave.

    Girls and boys hug each other while some stand against a car

    9. When Max writes this heartfelt note to Billy and we see how much she struggled during the past year.

    A girl writes a letter while sitting in a graveyard

    10. When we learn about Hopper's past and how he's always been a great father.

    A man hugs and consoles a crying woman

    11. When Victor Creel reveals to us that his family was killed by Vecna, and that he was wrongfully blamed and put in a mental institution for it.

    A strange old man whose eyes are completely destroyed

    12. When Will feels like an ignored third-wheel.

    Kids walk in a school corridor. A boy has his arms around a girl who holds a bouquet of flowers

    13. When Eleven meets her mother for the first time, after believing she was motherless this entire while.

    A girl looks behind her while a woman in a chair looks at her

    14. When Joyce and Hopper meet and hug each other after he escapes from the Russian prison.

    A woman wearing a beanie hugs a man

    15. When Robin comes out to Steve.

    A girl, sitting against a tiled wall, speaks to someone

    16. When Hopper says this to Eleven, because superheroes need a break too.

    A girl hugs a man and the both of them smile

    17. And finally, although this isn't a scene from the show, seeing how old the cast has grown gives me ALL. THE. FEELS!