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    17 Kitchen Products To Add That Extra Bit Of Flair To Your Cooking

    Your final step towards becoming a Masterchef.

    1. A bottle of za'atar, a complex flavourful Middle Eastern spice blend mainly made of toasted sesame seeds and sumac, that's versatile enough to be used in salads, dips, sandwiches, curries, meat rubs...well, you get it - ₹220

    2. This bottle of sriracha hot sauce to add a delicious spicy hit to your food - ₹615

    3. Or this hot sauce made from Maharashtrian Sankeshwari chillies if you want a desi twist - ₹225

    4. This vegetable chopper so you have evenly chopped veggies! Plus, you can finally say goodbye to teary eyes and a blotchy face whilst slicing onions – ₹249

    5. Stop spending big bucks on coffee and whip up some really fancy lattes and cappuccinos with this coffee foam maker - ₹999

    6. A coal barbeque grill for some yum kebabs, tikkas, homemade burgers! This particular model is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, has foldable legs, and is very easy to clean - ₹2,823

    7. Aerating wine pouring spouts to make even the cheapest of wines taste like a delectable and luxurious Chenic Blanc or Merlot (Set of 2) - ₹699

    8. Make your baked treats look super fun and cute with these rainbow sprinkles 🌈 - ₹225

    9. If you're a person who likes more elaborate and fancy snacks, get this air fryer that makes amazingly yum and healthy stuff - ₹11,599

    10. This sumptuous smoky spicy honey barbeque sauce that'll go so damn well with your BBQ-ed goods like grilled chicken, ribs, patties and more - ₹775

    11. Give your wraps, sandwiches, or even street-style roti rolls a gorgeous char with this panini sandwich grill - ₹2,049

    12. These agate coasters that look so damn stunning and will protect tables from the wrath of condensation (Set of 4) - ₹1,199

    13. You could also splurge on these gorgeous hand-painted ceramic plates to amp up your presentation skills (Set of 4) - ₹1,586

    14. Make your meringues, pies and crème brûlées look professional and taste just as good with a nifty blowtorch - ₹649

    15. Become the next Salt Bae and stock up on some flaky sea salt to bring a whole new level of flavour to salads, seared meats, and chocolate desserts like brownies and cookies - ₹190

    16. A box of 9 mouthwatering condiments so your snacks are all the more irresistible - ₹400

    17. And finally, make sure your latest experiment comes out just as perfect and appetising as you imagined with this digital weighing scale. Stop estimating ingredient measurements y'all - ₹999