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    16 Spine-Chilling Horror Stories That You Definitely Shouldn't Be Reading At 3AM

    The stuff of nightmares. 💀

    Everyone loves a good horror story and this is a list of truly scary ones that you really should read when the sun's out and there's no chance of something lurking in the shadows. 👀

    Are you ready? Okay! Let's go!

    1. This strange experience that freaked out doggos as well.

    2. Going to work is already pretty exhausting *sigh*!

    3. This never-ending terror.

    4. Kinda sweet but still petrifying.

    5. This one reads like a movie script.

    6. They just want to play!

    7. This weird supernatural occurrence.

    8. This terrifying child.

    9. This eerie childhood home.

    10. A poltergeist, maybe...?

    11. A series of strange happenings.

    12. This is giving me the shivers.

    13. Ok, so teddy bears aren't cute anymore.

    14. Ouija boards are a thing of the past.

    15. Relaxing getaway...not.

    16. And lastly, this.

    I guess I am never sleeping again!

    What are some real life horror stories that never fail to scare the bejesus out of you? Share in the comments below!

    h/t: r/TrueHorrorStories