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    13 Products The BuzzFeed India Team Is Loving In July 2020

    A metallic highlighter, reusable bamboo coffee cup, a few must-reads and much more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Shivani Agrawal - Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

    Shivani Agrawal

    "I've utilised quarantine to learn how to do makeup. Out of all the products I've been using, my favourite is definitely the Master Chrome Highlighter in the shade 'Molten Gold.' Not only does it add a chic finish to my extremely basic makeup skills but also just makes me shine to the gods, which I absolutely love! It is super soft and creamy, which is rare for highlighters and even just a smidge is enough to give you a blinding glow. Both 'Molten Rose Gold' and 'Molten Gold' are perfect shades for darker brown skin tones. They actually make your skin look golden and don't feel like 'caked-on shine.' I might not be the greatest at makeup....yet, but at least this highlighter makes me feel like an invincible golden goddess and that is all I care about!"

    Get it on Amazon for ₹411.

    2. Kanishk Raja - Skullcandy Cassette On-Ear Wireless Headphones

    "Got these headphones after going through so many options and they're amazing! Decently priced and great battery life for a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Really comfortable as well so I can have them on all day. The sound is great although a little bass heavy but overall pretty great!"

    Get the earphones on Amazon for ₹3,599.

    3. Sharayu Ail - Microfiber Dust Cleaning Brush

    "I've always been quite a cleanliness freak and being home all day has made me obsessed with keeping my space as clean as possible. I'm especially particular about my laptop and bookshelves being dust-free. This double-ended brush is ideal for quickly and efficiently dusting any surface. The smaller brush is great to keep my keyboard free of any crumbs from snacks. It's a pretty straightforward product but if you're like me and can't stand any random specks of dust, it'll be a complete godsend!"

    Get it on Amazon for ₹245.

    4. Kshitija Agrawal - Collapsible Folding Straw

    "This collapsible metal straw is an absolute lifesaver! I can't stand putting my mouth on dirty glasses or cans when I'm out of home but a lot of the time, that's the only option. That's why I've taken to carrying this around everywhere I go! It's environment friendly, way more hygienic, and super easy to clean."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹419.

    5. Sharanya Haridas - Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

    "This March, my partner and I met some friends in Palo Alto. Over Burmese food and bubble tea, one of them raved about Sapiens and inspired me to read this great book. Sapiens traces the history of humankind and our journey from powerless prey at the bottom of the food chain to the dominant species on Earth today. I particularly enjoyed learning about the role of language and ""fiction""— how homo sapiens’ ability to imagine things that don't exist and to communicate helps us cooperate with each other on a large scale. As the world around us changed in 2020, it was eye-opening to realise how much of human life today is completely made up— like money, governments, corporations, laws and philosophies. Reading this book is like standing in front of the ocean and remembering how vast everything is, and how small, yet significant you are."

    Get the paperback version for ₹425 and the Kindle edition for ₹179.

    6. Shreya Shetty - Sclout Cell Phone Stand Holder Mobile Phone Dock

    "Since the lockdown I've been consuming a lot of content on my phone. This stand comes in handy when I'm lazing in bed and need to watch Netflix on my phone. It's very durable, easily adjustable and is compatible with almost every phone device out there."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹199.

    7. Aniket Chitnawis - LaOpala 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set

    "Since there has been a LOT of cooking in lockdown, I also wanted a way to plate it up and present it nicely. This dinner plate set is minimal, affordable and gives food a restaurant vibe. If we can't go to the restaurant, the restaurant can come to us!"

    Get the set on Amazon for ₹790.

    8. Sasha Desai - Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

    "Having curly hair and living in a place with humidity higher than most engineering students, I need a thick leave-in to battle frizz. I absolutely love this leave-in as it's just the right consistency that it leaves my hair moisturised and lively but without weighing down my curls too much."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹1,145.

    9. Swapna Ravichandran - BOONDH Teal Menstrual Cup

    "It’s been a little more than 6 months since I’ve cupverted, and the experience has been great! I’ll admit, it did take me a few months to get the hang of it, but once I got it right there was no looking back. The perks I personally found of using a menstrual cup are - 1) you only need to change it once every 10-12 hours so I only had to empty mine in the morning and before sleeping. 2) I workout regularly and moving around with a pad used to feel SO uncomfortable. With the menstrual cup I sometimes forget that I’m on my period (I know everyone says this but it’s true!). 3) I never have to worry about running low on pads or tampons, especially since the lockdown started, which is a HUGE plus! 4) It's more environment friendly, and I saved more money than I’d have otherwise spent on pads or tampons."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹700.

    10. Sumedha Bharpilania - The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

    "As someone who loves reading, I have, during the past couple of months, struggled with even starting a book because I just CAN'T focus. However, this title has been interesting enough to hold my attention. The Immortalists is about four siblings who learn the date of their death from a mysterious soothsayer and Chloe Benjamin takes us through the events that transpire before and after this prophecy. It is beautifully written - heartbreaking and comforting in equal parts - without getting too preachy and philosophical. I would strongly recommend."

    Get the paperback version for ₹547 and the Kindle edition for ₹280.

    11. Shreya Mali - Pigeon by Stovekraft Handy Mini Plastic Chopper

    "If you're struggling with cooking during lockdown, this chopper will truly help you out. It makes meal-prepping a piece of cake so you don't have to cry over chopping onions anymore."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹375.

    12. Vishal Langthasa - Freelance Bamboo Coffee Cup

    "I had to go through a pandemic to finally learn how to make coffee by myself. I might as well drink it in a coffee cup which gives me Starbucks takeaway feels. This coffee cup made of bamboo is one of the best things I bought during this lockdown. Anything to get me excited to start the day. And it comes with a sipper. I swear when all this ends I'm carrying my own cup to Starbucks and brag about being that woke sustainable bit@h with my bamboo takeaway coffee cup."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹290.

    13. Mugdha Kusray - Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

    "I've been using the micellar cleansing water for quite some now and I can tell you that it is AMAZING. It completely removes makeup, dirt, dust and is good for your skin too! The cleansing water doesn't contain any sulfates or parabens, thus making it super-safe and gentle. And the best part you ask? It doesn't even hurt your eyes. YUP."

    Get it on Amazon for ₹148.