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16 Selfies That Must End Now

End bad stuff before it gets worse. Be it cold and flu symptoms or these nauseating selfies, ditch the misery and start the relief with Mucinex®.

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1. The "I'm a Mess (But, Like, Really Pretty)" Selfie

Ostensibly taken to prove how ugly and not-together one is, oftentimes the person is just blatantly showcasing how cute they are *through* the mess.

2. The Coffee Selfie


Until the coffee selfie includes both beautiful artisinal lattes AND desperate, stale coffee in an ugly novelty mug, this must be stopped! Equal representation for coffee, NOW.

3. The Foot Selfie

Classic. Classic foot selfie.

4. The Vacation Selfie

Oh, like, good for you! You have adventures and fun and we're not jealous, so whatever.

5. The Pet Selfie

No one thinks your puppy is as cute as you think it is.

6. The Baby Selfie

No one thinks your baby is as cute as you think it is.

8. The Salon Selfie

Everyone has hair. Yours isn't special. It might be bouncy and pretty and... smell... nice... BUT IT ISN'T SPECIAL.

9. The Gym Selfie

Ugh. Good for you, we guess. Good for your ripped body, we guess.

10. The Outfit Selfie

#ootd also stands for "Oh nO Take it Down."

11. The Couple Selfie

You two are adorable. Like, so adorable. Like, claw-our-own-eyes-out adorable.

12. The Nearly Faceless Selfie

Gurl, the back of yo head is ridiculous.

13. The "Look How Much Fun I'm Having!" Selfie

This can happen at a bar or a party. It can be a wedding or a picnic. It can happen anywhere to anyone. You might be next.

14. The Mirror Selfie

The origin of all selfies. Selfie Prime.

15. The "Artistic" Selfie

It's "artistic" because of the vintage filter and the vintage glasses and the vintage necklace, that's art.

16. The "I'm So Ironic" Selfie

"Look at my mockery of duck face! Look at how I engage with the zeitgeist, but only to condescend to it! Look! LOOK!"

Start the relief. Ditch the misery. Let's end this.™