What Are You Doing There, Psy?

Seriously, man. Why are you there? Ok, fine. You can stay. Just keep dancing. Be sure to catch Psy co-hosting and performing at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday, June 16th at 9E/6P!

1. Why are you in this backyard? You’re confusing the pugs.

3. If you were looking in the other direction, maybe you could have warned this poor fellow that his dancing - while phenomenal - is extremely destructive.

Shame on you, Psy.

5. Are you enjoying yourself, Psy? Because it looks like you are.

7. You’ve succeeded in confusing another pug! A sad pug. If you insist on dancing there, you might as well try to cheer this little buddy up.

9. Quit taunting her! She’s frightened! Oh, but those moves…

11. Watch it! You’ll get your sweet houndstooth blazer all muddy!

13. Psy. Seriously. Pay attention. This poor girl’s day is ruined.

15. Oh, so gravity doesn’t affect you anymore? Cool.

17. You don’t want any part of this punch-dancing, Psy! You’re out of line!

19. You’re not fooling anyone, here.

21. Puppies and Duckies!? PUPPIES AND DUCKIES?!?!?

Carry on, Psy. Your reaction is legitimate.

23. Out here in the wild, no one can see you dance. Get back to the club.

25. Wrong century. You’re upsetting the ladies with your pelvic thrusts.


29. Don’t miss Psy co-hosting and performing at this year’s MMVAs!

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