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15 Animals That Are Screaming On The Inside

KEEP ... IT ... TOGETHER. These critters are just itching to let it out. But they can't, because just like you, they're saving their screams for the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards. Check out the show on Sunday June 16th at 9E/6P!

1. This ball is the most important thing in his life right now.


Don't you DARE, human.

2. This kitty who wants more than anything to get out of this relationship.

3. This dog who just can't even handle it.

4. This fellow who is extremely jazzed about having successfully retrieved the newspaper.



5. This agoraphobic pug before his annual visit to the vet.



6. This little guy who is business in front, party in the back.


Keep it cool. Keep it professional.

7. This lizard who is trying to enjoy his birthday but you are making it very difficult.

8. This corgi who is putting up with a lot, right now.


9. This dog who never even wanted to get on this stupid moon bounce in the first place.

10. This panda who just remembered an embarrassing moment from adolescence.

11. This cat who has just made an enormous mistake.

12. This cat who is late to the game but just saw the end of The Sixth Sense.

13. This corgi who is having an existential crisis right now.


14. This dog who isn't completely sure that you'll ever really throw that ball but is mentally preparing himself just in case.

15. We'd like to think that behind Grumpy Cat's stony exterior, she is just screaming her kitty heart out.

Save your screams for the MMVAs, Sunday June 16th!

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