13 Signs You’re Dating A Keeper

You need to put a ring on that, stat. Celebrate your special one: Check out hilarious love letters from Baby on MTV(other).

1. They always respond to your texts.

2. They bring you a drink without being asked.

3. They don't play grab-ass in public.

FaceMePls / Via Flickr: 38891071@N00

4. They love your pets as much as you do.

5. They're chivalrous.

6. They've got great taste in music.

Brent Payne / Via Flickr: brentdpayne

7. They encourage your healthy pursuits, like getting closer to nature.

8. They don't "leave their wallet at home."

MTV Other

10. They're affectionate.

11. They're interested in your steampunk band.

Steampunk Family the Von Hedwigs / Via Flickr: von_hedwig

12. When you come home staggering drunk, they make you a freaking grilled cheese.

13. They're not a douche.

MTV Other

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