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14 Times Amy Schumer Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

Homegirl's got your back. Watch Amy's best moments taking on Hollywood at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards nominee on!

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1. When your grandma asks you if there’s a special someone in your life yet:

Larry Busacca / Getty Images / Via

2. When you put on THOSE jeans and look in the mirror:

Ray Tamarra / WireImage / Via

3. When your friends rush to console you after you get dumped:

Barry Brecheisen/Invision / AP / Via

4. When a guy sends you an unprompted XXX pic:

FilmMagic / Via

5. When you’re the only person on the elevator NOT looking at your smartphone:

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images / Via

6. When your jokey status falls flat, and someone calls you “problematic”:

Isaac Brekken / Getty Images / Via

7. When your archenemy at work announces that she’s getting married:

Frazer Harrison / WireImage / Via

8. When you're sending your little sister off to college:

Jeff Bottari / Getty Images / Via

9. When your friend says she Googled the guy she matched with, and it turns out he’s 100% married:

Phil McCarten/Invision for the Television Academy / AP Images / Via Twitter: @amyschumer

10. When you get invited to another destination wedding invitation you can't afford:

Mike Coppola / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @amyschumer

11. When one of your coolest “never met you before” Facebook friends asks to hang out IRL:

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images / Via

12. When your dad backhandedly remarks that you owe your success to him:

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images / Via

13. When you’re buying flowers for Mother’s Day:

John Davisson/Invision / AP / Via Twitter: @amyschumer

14. When your crush says he loves girls that don’t give a f***:

Jason Kempin / Getty Images / Via

What truth bombs did Amy drop at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards? Catch her highlights on!