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15 GIFs That Prove That Winning Is Everything

A loser once said, “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” Who walked away with the golden popcorn? And who walked away from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards empty handed? Find out on!

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1. Nobody remembers second place.

2. "Coming close" is practically the opposite of winning.

3. But let's say you're not the best... What do you do? Give up?

4. No! You have to use your disadvantages to your advantage.

5. If you're about to lose...just flip the script!

6. About to blink during a staring contest? Hit 'em with something they never saw coming!

7. Can't jump or dodge a hurdle? Attack it from a completely unexpected direction.

8. Even if you f*ck up, pretend like it was your game plan the whole time!

9. It doesn't matter if your competition is bigger than you...

10. ...or smaller than you.

11. You didn't come here to make friends.

12. In fact, if someone is beating you in a game of Words With Friends...:

13. Because you can only be a sore loser if you lose. That's a fact.

14. So never be afraid to take what's rightfully yours.

15. This is your moment, baby. And no one is going to take the spotlight from you!

Catch highlights from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards to see if your picks walked away with the golden popcorn.