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The Guys From "Guy Code" Answer Questions About The Female Body

Slightly NSFW, entirely LOL. Catch Guy Code Wednesdays at 11/10c on MTV2!

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2. "What is the trickiest part of the leg to shave?"

Chris: On a woman? The back of the knee, right here.

Matteo: Behind the knee probably, no?

Desus: I was gonna say between the toes, but I see that’s not…

Charlamagne: I gotta start paying my wife attention because I ain’t ever noticed that.

Chris: I thought girl’s hair just falls off; I’ve never seen them shaving.

Mero: They press their nipples, and their hair just pops off.

7. "What do you think the female orgasm feels like?"

Mero: A good tax return.

Matteo: Those Herbal Essences commercials.

Chris: A touchdown.

Charlamagne: An explosion, like Fourth of July, like letting off some good firework, some Roman candles going ::pew pew pew pew::.

Desus: Like a lazy Saturday when you’re binge-watching Netflix in your old stretched-out yoga pants... Know what I’m saying?

Matteo: So it feels lazy? Like, ready for a nap?

Desus: Depending on the girl, yes.

Mero: Watching an old episode of Grey’s.

8. "What is the most famous queef in history? This is an actual question."

10. "If you woke up as a woman tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would do?"

Charlamagne: Walk down the street in a hot skirt to see if I was attractive.

Chris: Touch Chris Distefano's penis and balls.

Desus: Join Tinder.

Matteo: Cry.

Mero: Take wild poppin' nudez.

12. "We're calling this one the 2015 Guy Code Bra Race."

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