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    19 Reasons Why Delena Are The Superior Couple In "The Vampire Diaries"

    Delena are forever the OTP!

    The argument about who was the better couple in The Vampire Diaries has been going on for years.

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    It may have been love at first sight for Elena and Stefan, but it was Damon who later won her heart and got to spend the rest of his days with her.

    So, I'm here to settle this once and for all! Here are 19 reasons why I wholeheartedly believe Damon was always meant for Elena, and why I am a Delena stan forever!

    1. Damon was always there for Elena especially when Stefan wasn't.

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    Damon was there for Elena when it really mattered. In season one, when Elena was left alone at the dance, Damon stepped in, which we ALL know he wouldn't do for anyone else! This scene began the spark between Damon and Elena, and got fans questioning whether they were just friends or maybe more.

    2. Stefan and Elena's relationship always felt more platonic than romantic.

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    When Stefan and Elena danced together it was cute, but it lacked passion. This scene in particular doesn't look like a natural interaction – it's like they're masking their discomfort with humour or something. Don't get me wrong, it's a sweet scene, but if you told me these guys were just friends, I'd believe you. 

    3. Damon had a much deeper emotional connection with Elena than Stefan did, even before they were a couple!

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    When it came to him being with Elena, we got to see a far more vulnerable side of Damon. For example, after receiving a bite from a werewolf, Damon bared his soul to Elena in his last few hours of life. All he ever wanted was to love and be loved, and it's her he wants to experience that with. Look at how emotional Elena gets when she thinks Damon is on his death bed! That's true love, baby.

    4. Damon was far more helpful to Elena, and gave her tough love when she needed it.

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    Elena always felt comfortable going to Damon whenever she felt weak because she trusted him. When Elena couldn't keep animal blood down who ran to her rescue? Damon! He comforted her, and although he tried to go along with her more humane way of feeding at first, he ultimately convinced her to drink from the vein just so she wouldn't die.

    5. Stefan, on the other hand, was too soft with her, and had no idea how to help Elena.

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    Stefan went about the situation a little differently, and tried to be as accommodating with Elena as he could. However, Elena hadn't been a vampire for long, and she needed someone to steer her in the right direction! Often forgetting that he could become "The Ripper" at the slightest slip-up, Stefan sure put himself on a pedestal of righteousness, am I right???

    6. Let's be real, Damon and Elena had the BEST kissing scenes known to man.

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    Delena kisses were always raw, hungry, and illicit – that's what made them so amazing! This was a tender moment between the two characters and we got to see a much softer side to Damon. Then the music built and BAM, they sealed the deal with a kiss. This was really the beginning of Delena, and as the season went on, it was easy to understand why they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

    7. In fact, their relationship as a whole was more intense and emotionally raw.

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    Okay, hear me out – I know this is technically a break-up scene, but the passion between them is UNDENIABLE. It's clear they were in love despite the fact that Damon said their relationship was toxic, and to say "I love you" when you're fighting must mean it's true.

    8. Whereas whenever Stelena kissed it was just... Meh.

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    This doesn't necessarily prove that they weren't good together, but it shows they lacked intensity as a pairing when compared to Delena. Stelena had a much more lowkey and mellow relationship which is... Fine, I guess. This was a sweet kiss, almost a goodbye kiss, and then it was over. Also – minor detail – Stefan initiated the kiss whereas Elena initiated the famous Delena motel kiss that we all know and love. But that doesn't mean anything, riiiiiight?!

    9. Damon was selfless when he needed to be, and put Elena's happiness first.

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    Damon regularly set aside his wants and needs and did what he thought was best for Elena. Even after admitting he was in love with her, he let her go so Stefan could have her. This is a genuine confession by Damon that isn't brought on by anything other than just needing to tell Elena the truth. Watching him cry was heartbreaking and quite literally ruined me!

    10. Stefan's love for Elena, however, came across as convenient, and merely a way to help him get over somebody else.

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    Whilst Damon's confession of love was selfless and authentic, Stefan's came out of an argument about his previous relationship. It took a hostile conversation for him to tell Elena how he felt, and even then it only came about because she looked like Katherine, his first love. To me, Stefan used Elena to get over Katherine – sure he said "I love you", but did he really love her

    11. Stefan was just an easy option for Elena – he was a choice she felt she needed to make.

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    Elena chose Stefan out of obligation – there I said it! She loved him once, and they were good together, sure. However, I think we can all agree that despite what she said on the phone, if she was true to herself she would have chosen Damon all along.

    12. Put simply, Stefan loved Elena more than she loved him.

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    Unlike Damon, Stefan's attempts at getting Elena to turn her emotions back on fell on deaf ears. Admittedly there was chemistry between them in this scene, but the idea was that Stefan was supposed to remind Elena what she was missing (him) and that she would turn her emotions back on as a result. Well, that never happened. It's obvious that Stefan wasn't the one for her because he wasn't reason enough for her to return to her humanity!

    13. Damon's love for Elena overpowered his need for blood and made him a better man.

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    A moment that has always stood out to me was when Elena was in the hospital. Damon goes to see her and he picks up a tube filled with her blood, but instead of getting his "vamp face" on, he resists. Stefan would either have had to leave Elena, or would have made a huge song and dance about trying to control himself around her. However, Damon wasn't affected, he just wanted to take care of Elena. His love for her was stronger than anything, and his self-control was better because of her!

    14. Speaking of, Stefan had to constantly fight to stay in control of himself. However, if he really loved Elena, it wouldn't have been a problem just like it wasn't for Damon.

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    This touching moment between Elena and Stefan is memorable, but shows how he could lose control around her easily. Their relationship was new at this point, so I guess it came across as exciting, but it still never matched the level passion we see between Elena and Damon! Where Elena made Damon stronger, she made Stefan weaker.

    15. Elena's emotional attachment to Damon surpasses anything she felt for any other character on the show.

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    I'm sorry, but did Elena ever cry over Stefan like this? Did Stelena ever have a moment so touching that we as viewers broke down and sobbed into a tub of ice cream as though we were the ones going through it ourselves? Nope. This scene has to be one of the best examples of how powerful Damon and Elena's love was.

    16. In fact, every goodbye scene between Delena made me feel like I was going through their break-up myself!

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    Apologies if you're crying by now, but I think we can all agree that this is one of the most touching moments between Damon and Elena. We wanted them to spend eternity together, but it wasn't meant to be. At least they got to have a final dance together!

    Also, can I just add that Damon literally did not want to carry on existing without Elena, but Stefan went on and married someone else.

    17. There was so much chemistry between Damon and Elena that we could still feel it almost five years on!

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    This scene hit us all in the feels, right? Being kissed in the rain is such a cliché, but they pulled it off so well! What made this all the more heartbreaking was the fact that Damon was remembering it whilst the love of his life lay in a box waiting to be woken up.

    18. Even Stefan knew that Elena was better off with his brother.

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    By this point, Stefan and Elena weren't together, so Stefan's words were never going to be as gut-wrenching as Damon's. However, it was in this moment when Elena was in hospital that Stefan admitted that he'd lost a friend, not a soulmate. I rest my case.

    19. And finally, let's talk about the fact that Elena eventually chose Damon in the end. Need I say more?

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    The look on Damon's face when Elena confessed her love for him kills me. This moment is so beautiful and heartfelt! It's the fact that she knew exactly the kind of man Damon was and yet she still loved him, that speaks volumes to me!

    Are there any more reasons why you think Delena are the G.O.A.T. couple, or have I failed to convince you? Leave a comment either way below!