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8 Plus Sized Women Who Slay....And We Are Here For Them All!

With so much slayage to choose from, we've narrowed our picks down to these 8 plus sized baddies who prove that beauty has no size.

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Push Thru Hunty!

sheisdash / Via Instagram

Dascha Polanco is proof positive that true beauty has no size. She's shown here in this black lace flesh baring body suit and chic choppy bob hairstyle. Her daring red lip and cute kitten bag are cute but it's her confidence that's everything!

Literally #Mood!

chimere_chantel / Via Instagram

Who doesn't absolutely love a jean with a great fit, cute sneakers, super fun accessories & a haircut to die for? Not to mention her shirt, how appropriate is that? This curvy, carefree doll is fun, flirty & fine. As an added bonus, she's also fun sized.

Breaking all the rules...and loving it!

amanda_allison / Via Instagram

Long gone are the days when plus sized women were reduced to wearing moo moos and matronly prints. Designers have upped the anty and have begun to celebrate fuller figures. The look on her face is how we all felt when the tides changed.

Whether they are dressed in t-shirts and denim, lacy body suits, wedding dresses or flowy beach attire there is no denying the beauty of each and every woman featured on this list. These ladies are more than their body types. They are more than the clothes that they have on. They are everything that the stereotype of what women of size are not. They're confident, fashion forward, daring and absolutely gorgeous. And we are here for them all!

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