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Another Disaster Strikes Haiti.

A hurricane after not being fully recovered from the earthquake of 2010.

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In February 2010 more than three million were affected by one of the worst earthquakes experienced in Haiti. This 7.0 earthquake left over 300,000 dead and by June 2013 three years later, another 800,000+ died of cholera and its side effects. The money that was promised internationally has not all been delivered. More than half remains unpaid.

Other side effects of poverty and displacement has crept in to the already fragile social structure of Haiti. What is being done to help them? Money has been given. Donations have been given. But when a nation lacks the structure to use its resources for the benefit of those at risk, no one wins. It is evident that there is a need beyond what money could buy in that nation. Visionary leaders, infrastructure and a committed nation are desperately needed.

Haiti was barely making progress when another disaster struck this month, namely Hurricane Matthew. The peninsula was badly damaged by the roaring winds of more than 140 m.p.h. that rummaged through Jeremie, Les Cayes and other neighboring towns. So after their limited progress, the nation has taken a step backwards with this latest disaster.

They need help. Please continue to remember those less fortunate that yourselves. Continue to assist in any way that you can. While it seems like there has been little done with the money donated, note that they have to start from scratch. Remember to teach them to fish and not just to receive fish. Keep the nation and its leaders in your prayers. Let us not forget that it could have been us here in these United States of America.

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