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    What European country should you live in?

    Eat a day's worth of food and I'll tell you which European country you should live in.

    What are you eating for breakfast?
    What are you drinking with breakfast?
    What's for lunch?
    Pick a soup
    • Vegetable soup with tomato-y broth and pasta
      Food network
    • Soup with pork or beef, beets, cabbage and a dollop of sour cream
    • Creamy potato and leek soup
    • Cold soup of blended vegetables, garlic with croutons
      Gimme some oven
    • Chicken, vegetables and dumplings in broth
    • Stew with mutton and cabbage
    • Cold beet soup with dill
    • Split peas with ham, carrots and celery
      Kevin lynch
    What time did you eat lunch?
    Choose a snack
    What will you eat for dinner?
    • Creamy chicken curry
    • Stuffed peppers
    • yellow flowers on black round plate
      Rice dish with seafood and saffron
    • Breaded fried chicken
      Jo cooks
    • pasta dish on white ceramic plate
      Pasta with egg, cheese and pork
    • Potato and meat dumplings
    • Chicken braised in wine with bacon and mushrooms
    • Meatballs with potato and gravy
    Choose some bread to go with your dinner
    • The spruce eats
    • Shelovesbiscoti
    • Cuisinefiend
    • Momontimeout
    • Chowhound
    • Acouplecooks
    • Aspicyperspective
    What will you drink?
    Finally, what's for dessert?
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