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    Here's How To Make Berry Jam From Scratch

    Berry, berry good.

    Berry jam is the jam.

    It's also incredibly easy to make from scratch.

    1. Pick your berries.

    2. Gather the other ingredients.

    3. Make the fruit mixture.

    4. Wait.

    5. Separate the syrup from the fruit.

    6. Cook.

    7. Cook (with fruit!).

    8. Stop cooking.

    9. Add booze (if you’d like).

    This next bit is completely optional, but it's a very nice touch: Off the heat, add a slug (a heavy tablespoon) of liquor, liqueur, or sirop—I love St. Germaine or Cointreau. Add a knob of butter to clarify the gel and make the jam shiny. Stir well and thoroughly.

    10. Jar.

    11. Eat!

    For more on how to make homemade jam, visit Food52.