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    10 Mistakes New Residents In The US Make

    And there we were thinking that it would be like home, just with different accents, different countryside, and guns.

    1. Sorry, there seems to be a mistake. You have charged me more than the clearly marked price.


    Ah, sales tax. It still catches you out ages after finding out about it....and sometimes US born citizens forget about it as well until they reach the checkout.

    2. Racoons! So cute! Let's feed them!


    How could this possibly end badly?

    3. She said "Bless your heart". Phew, I thought she was angry at me!


    All Southerners are being so nice to me! Even when they should be annoyed!

    4. Why are the menus full of entrees? Where are all the mains?


    Embarrassingly, some of us take months to work out the difference in terminology.

    5. That is what the speed limit says, so that is how fast I must go.


    Why does everyone hate me?

    6. Do I even own a plunger?


    There are few things more terrifying on this earth than a blocked American style toilet. Keep it close!

    7. Hey, free refills!


    DO NOT KEEP DRINKING! You will die! The refills never end!

    8. You only tip for exceptional, above and beyond service, right?


    Don't be that person. Unless your server brings you an actual dead rat (and that isn't what you ordered), tip. And find out what other types of services it is customary to tip for as well.

    9. Candy this pretty must taste amazing!


    Nope. If you want to know what disappointment tastes like, try candy corn. I'm not certain how it became a seasonal favorite when there are so many other awesome sweet goodies here, but I suspect it is getting by on good looks alone. Which is why it would make a pretty decoration, but shouldn't actually be consumed by humans.

    10. Why is this person chatting to me? Are they about to ask for money? Trying to pick me up?


    Possibly, but usually not. So many Americans just have a real lack of inhibition with strangers. Sometimes it's interpreted as being fake, but it's not. They usually really are that friendly and nice.

    I know! Friendliness! What a bunch of weirdos!

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