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    10 Healthy Living E-Books Under $10

    These 10 digital downloads will help you live a healthier, cleaner and more nourished life. What are you waiting for?

    1. Superfood Green Smoothies eBook ($9.99)

    Root + Revel / Via

    30 indulgent and healthy superfood green smoothies that reduce inflammation, enhance weight loss, improve digestion, and so much more. Made with plant-based ingredients and whole fruits and veggies, these smoothies will help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle - and bonus, some even resemble dessert (think chocolate and pumpkin pie). Get it here.

    2. Alisa's Personal Home Medicine Cabinet ($7)

    Flo Living / Via

    Learn how over-the-counter meds are screwing with your hormones, and what you should be stocking up on instead. Get it here.

    3. Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Soups and Stews ($6.99)

    Peace, Love and Low Carb / Via

    30 hearty soups and stews to keep you warm for the rest of winter. Get it here.

    4. Superfood Super You (Free)

    Dr. Axe / Via

    Dr. Axe delivers the ultimate superfood guide, with a list of the top 20 superfoods plus four unique plans to help you achieve results in weight loss, anti-aging, detox and muscle building. Get it here.

    5. Hormone Toolkit (Free)

    The Hormone Cure / Via

    Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD dishes up everything you need to know about balancing your hormones to live a happier, healthier and more energized life - naturally. Get it here.

    6. DIY Natural Cleaning (Free)

    Root + Revel / Via

    Time to ditch those chemical-laden sprays and wipes for one (or all) of these 8 natural cleaning recipes, which are safe, non-toxic and effective. Get it here.

    7. Primal Blueprint Fitness (Free)

    Mark's Daily Apple / Via

    We have yet to find a more comprehensive eBook dedicated to all things fitness, including tips on achieving lean muscles, improving strength, boosting immunity and more. Follow the included weekly workout schedule and track your results. Get it here.

    8. How To Heal Acne Naturally: For Adult Women ($9.95)

    High on Clear Skin / Via

    Because who doesn't want clear skin? Get it here.

    9. Real Food Planning Challenge ($8.99)

    Live Simply / Via

    Eating real, whole foods sounds simple but sometimes you need a little expertise to get going. Enter the Real Food Planning Challenge, chockfull of insider tips and tricks to help you shop for and prepare delicious meals from real food. Get it here.

    10. Clean Cuisine Dinners ($9.99)

    Clean Cuisine / Via

    This eCookBook promises a month's worth of meals that are delicious and easy. Plus, the recipes feature anti-inflammatory ingredients so you'll feel great after every meal. Get it here.

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