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16 GIFs That Are Basically You Watching "Mr. Robot" This Season

*paranoia intensifies*

You, every Wednesday morning:

When you've been overanalyzing last week's episode for the past six days:

When your friend texts you to ask if you saw last night's episode:

Hanging out with someone who's not caught up:

When you find out someone else in your office is a Mr. Robot fan:

Every time a new character is introduced:

When you realize the rest of the episodes will only be half as long as the two-hour season premiere:

When you take a sick day because you need to rewatch every episode to look for Easter eggs:

When you can't make it through a single conversation without talking about the show:

When you're trying to figure out what's real and what's an illusion:

When you're talking to someone who hasn't seen the most recent episode yet and you're loaded with spoilers:

When someone hits you with a mind-bending fan theory:

When someone at work wants to talk about something other than Mr. Robot:

When you think you came up with an amazing fan theory but someone immediately disproves it with evidence from the show:

How you'll be answering your phone from now on...

...and when you overhear a stranger saying Mr. Robot is the best show on television:

Images courtesy of USA Network

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