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43 Questions All "Mr. Robot" Fans Need Answered In Season 2

We NEED answers!

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Mr. Robot returns on July 13, and TBH, it can't come soon enough because Season 1 left us with more questions than answers. Here's what we're all dying to know:

1. What's the state of the world after the five/nine hack?

2. Will Allsafe and E Corp be able to recover from the hack?

3. Are people rallying around fsociety now, or do they consider the five/nine hack to be a bad thing?

4. How is Elliot dealing with the new knowledge that Mr. Robot was his deceased father?

5. Does he see his personality split as a bad thing or as a helpful tool in the battle against the corporatocracy?

6. Where is Tyrell Wellick?

7. What's up with Tyrell's wife, Joanna?

8. Is she more than she seems to be, secretly pulling some strings somewhere?

9. How does she stay so eerily calm and collected all the time?

10. How much does Joanna really know about Elliot?

11. Will Tyrell try to work with fsociety, or does he consider them an enemy?

12. How much does Tyrell know about Elliot's mental state?

13. What about that scene from Season 1 where Tyrell was talking to Mr. Robot in the van, and he seemed like he wasn't talking to Elliot?

14. What's up with Angela? Is she really part of the E Corp machine now?

15. Is Angela going to act as a spy within E Corp, using her access to help fsociety bring the company down once and for all?

16. What's Elliot's next move?

17. What's up with Whiterose and the Dark Army?

18. Is she good?

19. Is she bad?

20. Is Whiterose going to align her Dark Army to fsociety's cause, or will they become mortal enemies?

21. Why is she meeting with E Corp in the bonus scene at the end of Season 1?

22. Whiterose appears as a woman when she meets with Elliot but appears as a man when she meets with E Corp. Which one is the real Whiterose, and which one is the incognito Whiterose?

23. What exactly did Whiterose mean when she said she "hacks time"?

24. What's in store for the future of fsociety?

25. Will fsociety become a blanket organization that anyone can join?

26. If that's the case, how will Elliot maintain control of his organization?

27. What will Mr. Robot's role be in Season 2?

28. Will Elliot interact with Mr. Robot differently now that he knows what he really is?

29. Season 1 seemed to take place in our reality, with many real-world events happening in the show. Will Season 2 continue to mirror the real world, or will it diverge into its own completely separate in-show universe?

30. Will E Corp and Allsafe find out that Elliot helped in the five/nine hack?

31. Will Whiterose tip them off?

32. Will Angela tip them off?

33. Will Tyrell tip them off?

34. What will they do if/when they find out Elliot was responsible?

35. What's the status of Elliot and Darlene's relationship after the events of the Season 1 finale?


37. Is it Whiterose?

38. Is it Darlene?

39. Is it Angela?

40. Is it Tyrell?

41. Is it the FBI?

42. Is it Mr. Robot?

43. Is it Scumbag Mike?

Did we miss any burning questions? Do you have a riveting fan theory for Season 2? Post it in the comments below!

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Discover the answer to these questions and more when Mr. Robot returns July 13 on USA Network.

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