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Save Time And Cashon Auto Repairs With New Hack

We’ve all been there: Tight work deadlines, more responsibilities than seems manageable and you barely have the time to even pay your bills. Then, BAM – your car’s tire blows, battery dies or the engine starts smoking. Clearly, you don’t have time to shop around and find the best price for repairs. You’re way too busy for that.

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So, what do you do? One word, Blitzify.

Blitzify is a new app that allows you to get exact quotes from multiple local automotive service providers and compare prices with real-time data. It’s free, quick, simple and ridiculously easy to use.

Here’s what you do:


1.Download the Blitzify mobile app or go to their website.

2.Enter your vehicle information, choose the type of service needed and the city the repair will take place.

3.Create an account, and then you’ll receive quotes.

An important piece to all of this is that it’s free for service providers, so you don’t have to worry about only getting quotes from select shops that pay to be in the system.

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