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    Documentaries “11/9” And “Voice Of Syria” Are Set To Make Waves In The World Of Documentary Filmmaking This Year.

    Filmmakers Carla Ortiz and Shari O’Donnell are on track for their documentary Oscar submission ‘Voice of Syria’ which is set to go head to head with filmmaker Michael Moore’s 11/9. Ortiz and O’Donnell have been dubbed the ‘Daring Duo’ after the documentary was shot on the ground in Syria during the height of conflict. The documentary is set to expose major propaganda and debunk major lies such as fake news, while educating audiences about the real political back drop. While brave news-crews and filmmakers generally accessed rebel areas in Syria, Ortiz was one of the only filmmakers who was given access to both rebel and government areas the last 12 months. Ortiz says her documentary gives voice to the 18 million Syrian’s inside the country. As a result of the 6 year war over a half a million Syrians have died and 6 million have had to flee their homes, making it one of the largest refugee crisis in history.

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