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    Yankees Fan Catches A Foul Ball, Celebrates For About Five Freakin' Hours

    A very exciting moment for the young man.

    In the top of the third inning of last night's Yankees/Mariners game, a fan caught a foul ball and then proceeded to perform an over-the-top celebration, with moves straight out of a mid-1990s music video, for what seemed like several days.

    As you can see, it was a nice grab, and he was super pumped about it.

    One high five wasn't enough.

    Nor was two high fives.

    Nor was two high fives and one raising of the roof.

    And can we please talk about those shorts for a second?

    Is that a denim pair of Zubaz?

    I'm not really sure where this guy is from, but one thing is clear: He's livin' the dream of the '90s.