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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    Washington Nationals Fan Deploys "Hilariously Inept Downhill Roll" In Fight For Home Run Ball

    Because that's what you do when you're caught in a dogfight for a souvenir.

    In the bottom of the third inning of last night's Braves-Nationals game, Bryce Harper jacked a solo home run into center field.

    As the ball started to travel down the hill on the other side of the center field fence, several fans rushed towards the railing in an attempt to snag it before it was out of reach.

    And just when all hope seemed lost, one determined young man sacrificed his body (and pride) by flipping over the railing and somewhat uncontrollably rolling down the hill to get the souvenir.

    It sort of looks like all of this was unintentional, but I guess you can say he decided to...roll with it. Aha. Ahahaha. We have fun here at BuzzFeed dot com.

    Watch the video below: