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The Definitive List Of The Top 40 "SportsCenter" Anchors Of All Time

Ranking 34 years of anchoring.

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Over the years, there have been plenty of personalities to hit the SportsCenter desk. Some are consummate professionals, while others are just pure entertainment. Some become instant fan favorites, while others just sort of rub you the wrong way. And no matter how much you love one of them, someone next to you can't stand them. So with that in mind, here's our shot at naming the top 40 anchors in ESPN history.

39. Robert Flores: 2007–present

The verdict still seems to be out on Flores. He's been a part of the SportsCenter team for a while now, but it seems like his spotlight has faded lately. More people should like him.


32. Josh Elliott: 2006–2011

Elliott became a staple on SportsCenter when ESPN decided to air the program live every weekday morning. Then Good Morning America stole him. Or he went willingly. The world may never know.


26. Chris Berman: 1979–present

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Chris Berman was a huge part of the early success of SportsCenter, but does anyone actually like him? This is more of a sympathy vote based on his historic contributions to the show.


23. Stan Verrett: 2000–present

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Stan's on pretty late, but those that get to see him regularly really like him. And he's also infamously tied to an on-air call where he possibly maybe might have said, "Nigga with a problem." It was either that or "Neither were a problem." You decide.

22. Chris McKendry: 1996–present

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I feel like a lot of people forget about Chris, but that's probably because everyone's so used to her being there. It's sort of like that store that you pass by every day, but you can't remember the name of it. Only this is a lady and not a store.


20. Rece Davis: 1995–present

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Davis is now known for his great work on College Gameday, but he used to be the go-to-guy on SportsCenter. Plus, he has a broadcaster's voice, which is fun.

19. Suzy Kolber: 1993-1996, 1999–present

Drew Hallowell / Getty Images

It's unfortunate that most people associate Suzy Kolber with that time Joe Namath drunkenly hit on her because she really is a great SportsCenter anchor during the NFL offseason.

18. Brian Kenny: 1997-2011

John Atashian, ESPN

Brian Kenny is great because he tells it like it is. If he's pissed off about something, he'll show it, but in a professional manner. And for that, I commend him.


5. Bob Ley: 1979–present

Bob Ley is often brought on to discuss the more serious topics of the show and he can pretty much handle anything. In 50 years, people will still be talking about him. And this hilarious moment when he didn't know he was on TV.

2. Dan Patrick: 1989-2006

Heinz Kluetmeier / Getty Images

It's safe to say that no one had a bigger impact on SportsCenter than Dan Patrick, and he's arguably the most popular anchor in the history of the program. But there's one guy we like more...

1. Scott Van Pelt: 2001–present

From SportsCenter commercials to catchphrases, Scott Van Pelt is as good as it gets. Simply put, SVP is a man of the people and he's just as entertaining as he is professional.

So there you have it. What do you guys think? Who makes your Top 5? Let us know in the comments section below.