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The 18 Most Majestic Mascot Fails On The Internet

Good job, good effort. No, really!

Last week, the Toronto Raptors mascot suffered a season-ending injury while performing a stunt at a school assembly. The Raptor, as he is known, is no stranger to these kind of mishaps, and to honor his "go big or go home" mentality, here are some of the internet's most spectacular mascot fails. Because to achieve greatness, you must first risk great failure.

1. The stilt jump:

2. The fire jump:

3. The teeter-totter:

4. The glass balls:

5. The bear balls:

6. The stair skates:

7. The court skates:

8. The moonwalk:

9. The passenger:

10. The driver:

11. The backboard:

12. The skateboard:

13. The Superman:

14. The sling shot:

15. The no shot:

16. The worst idea ever:

17. The sled:

18. And, most tragically, the patrotic blind side.