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The 13 Most Unusual Achievements In Sports

Hat tricks are overrated. When's the last time you saw a "Lawrence Welk"?

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Everyone has seen a golfer getting an eagle or a basketball player achieving a triple-double, but there are a handful of other accomplishments out there that are less well-known, either because they don't happen very often or because they're just really, really weird. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Walter Iooss Jr./Contributor / Getty Images

Achievement: When a hockey player scores a goal, records an assist, and gets in a fight all in one game.

Origin: Named after Gordie Howe, who actually only achieved this feat twice in his NHL career.

2. Golden Sombrero

Victor Decolongon/Contributor / Getty Images

Achievement: When a baseball player strikes out four times in a single game.

Origin: A variation of a pitcher's hat trick. And since four is bigger than three, the rationale was that a four-strikeout performance should be referred to by a bigger hat, such as a sombrero.

Note: A "Platinum Sombrero" (also known as "Olympic Rings") is striking out five times in a game, and a "Titanium Sombrero" is striking out six times.

3. Albatross

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Achievement: When a golfer shoots three under par on one hole. Also known as a double eagle.

Origin: An albatross is bigger than an eagle, which in turn, is bigger than a birdie. Four under par is known as a "pterodactyl." (Not true.)


6. Immaculate Inning

John Iacono/Contributor / Getty Images

Achievement: When a pitcher strikes out all three batters he faces on exactly nine pitches.

Origin: Immaculate: Free from flaws or mistakes; perfect. Inning: A single turn at bat for a team until three outs are made.


9. The Perfect Cycle

Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty Images

Achievement: When a baseball player gets a single, double, triple, home run, and a strikeout all in one game.

Origin: A variation of a batter hitting for the cycle (single, double, triple, HR.

10. Trillion

Arturo Presotto - Iguana Press/Contributor / Getty Images

Achievement: A box score showing the minutes played and zero for all other statistics, resulting in a number followed by twelve zeros.

Origin: Math.

11. Lawrence Welk

NBC/Contributor / Getty Images

Achievement: A 1-2-3 double play in baseball.

Origin: Lawrence Welk (the host of the Lawrence Welk Show) was famous for starting the music with the phrase, "A-one, an-a-two..."

12. Lemieux Cycle

Scott Cunningham/Stringer / Getty Images

Achievement: When a hockey player tallies an even-strength goal, a power play goal, a short-handed goal, a penalty shot goal, and an empty net goal.

Origin: In 1988, Mario Lemieux somehow did this. It has not happened since.

13. Bombay Hat Trick

Achievement: Get a DUI, coach a PeeWee hockey team to a district title, and win a gold medal at the Junior Goodwill Games.

Origin: Named after Gordon Bombay, who accomplished this feat in the span of two years.