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    25 Reasons Why Alex Morgan Is The Perfect Lady

    It's like an angel came down to Earth and decided to play soccer.

    25. Because she looks smashing as a member of the Queen's Guard.

    24. And adorable in front of the UK flag.

    Even though she's American.

    23. Lip bite.

    22. Because she can wear her hair down.

    21. Or tightly pulled back into the perfect ponytail.

    20. Or turn it into a tornado.

    19. Because she looks good in anything.

    Like a practice bib.

    Or a track jacket.

    Or a sparkly dress.

    Or paint.

    *Especially paint.

    18. Because she can silence the haters.

    17. And embrace the love.

    16. All with a smile on her face.

    15. Because her hugs are probably the best hugs in the world.

    And she loves to give them.

    And receive them.

    In a variety of ways.

    Like this.

    Or this.

    Or this.

    And even with the opposing team.

    14. Piggyback ride!

    13. Because she's written a book to inspire young ladies.

    12. And won an Olympic gold medal.

    11. Because she was the 2012 U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year.

    10. And named the Sportswoman of the Year (for a team sport).

    9. All while staying true to herself.

    8. And showing what it means to share.

    7. Because she lays like this.

    6. And plays like this.

    5. And can fly.

    She can fly!


    4. Fine, she can't fly, but that's okay.

    3. Because being amazing at one sport is already impressive enough.

    2. OMG! She can play baseball?

    1. Dear Alex Morgan, you get all the roses.