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    Tennis Player Loses Battle Against Opponent, Own Racket

    Youzhny SMASH!

    In the fourth round of the French Open, Tommy Haas of Germany defeated Mikhail Youzhny of Russia 6-1 6-1 6-3 — a beating that Mikhail did not take lightly. After a lopsided second-set loss, Youzhny decided to take his frustration out on his racket by repeatedly beating it against the bench until it broke.

    Which turned out to be extremely difficult.

    Nine whacks later, he hid under a towel in shame.

    This is not the first time Youzhny has demonstrated this kind of behavior. During a 2008 match, the fiery Russian smashed his head with a racket until there was blood running down his forehead.

    He's getting better. He went from hitting his own forehead to hitting a bench, which doesn't have feelings. That's a big improvement. Maybe the next time he loses composure, he'll hit a pillow and save his racket. Or, you know, NOT hit something.

    Watch the video from his latest outburst here:

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