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    Preseason Hockey Game Leads To Massive Fight Involving Both Goalies

    This. Is. HOCKEY!

    During the third period of Sunday's Sabres-Maple Leafs preseason game, a fight broke out between Jamie Devane and Corey Tropp, ultimately ending with Tropp getting knocked to the ground and hitting his head on the ice.

    And before the ensuing face-off could take place, Sabres defenseman John Scott threw off his gloves to fight Toronto's Phil Kessel...

    Which quickly led to an all-out brawl at center ice between the two clubs.

    But just when things were starting to settle down, it became time for the goalies to square off.

    And both goaltenders came out swinging.

    Unfortunately for Ryan Miller, Toronto’s Jonathon Bernier was able to free one of his arms and used that to his advantage to land some serious blows.

    Which of course got the benches riled up, but that didn't last long, as the refs were able to pull the teams apart and continue the game.

    In the end, the Maple Leafs came out on top, winning 5-3. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your cue to get excited about hockey again.

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