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'90s Track Stars Dominate Incredible Old-School Celebrity Dunk Contest

And Boomshakalaka goes the long jumper.

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Back in the day, Foot Locker used to sponsor a celebrity dunk contest, where athletes from others sports could show off their rim-shattering skills. In 1992, the contest reached its pinnacle with contestants like Deion Sanders, Ken Griffey Jr., and Olympians Mike Conley Sr. (a triple jumper) and Mike Powell (who still holds the long jump world record). These guys threw DOWN.

Ken Griffey Jr.

Definitely respectable.

Deion Sanders

Also fine. But the track guys were the real stars...

Mike Conley Sr.


Mike Powell

HOLY COW, MIKE POWELL!!! That would've won a lot of dunk contests for ACTUAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS.

And those are only HALF the dunks. No joke, this slam dunk contest is far better than anything the NBA has put on in years. Plus, the jam at the end of the video brings down the house. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.

Watch the video below:

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