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    Miguel Cabrera Commits Mid-Game Chewing Gum Assault On Former Teammate

    That's just Miggy being Miggy.

    Making his major league debut against the Cleveland Indians on Sunday, Detroit Tigers pitcher Jose Alvarez had his no-hit bid end in the fifth inning when former Tiger Ryan Raburn stepped up to the plate and smacked a solo home run to left field.

    As Raburn rounded the bases, Miguel Cabrera decided to get revenge by tossing his gum at Raburn's chest, because that's what you do when your former teammate is a big ol' jerkface who ruins everything.

    Raburn cracked a smile (it doesn't seem like there's actual bad blood between the two and Cabrera is a known goofball), but the Tigers were the ones celebrating in the end with a 4-1 victory over the Indians, but who cares about that because this gum throw is the best thing ever.

    Miggy, you crazy.

    Watch the video below: