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Judging Every NFL Fan Base Using Only Google Image Search

This is what happens when you generalize all fans based on one photo.

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For the sake of this post, all search terms were done in Incognito Mode — so the results wouldn't be customized — using a search for city + team + "fans". So for the 49ers, the Google Image search term was "San Francisco 49ers fans". And then we just selected the very first image, and tried to make sense of it, assuming everything in it was a true and total representation of the team's fans. Got it? Cool. Here we go:

San Francisco 49ers

You know when someone's on a game show and they're not sure what door to pick, so they ask the audience for help, and everyone in the audience is like, "Two, pick two, three, door one!"? That's basically the 49ers fan base.

Cincinnati Bengals

AP / Via

Bengals fans are a confused bunch. Half of them are trying to be Green Bay fans, as evidenced by the orange cheesehead, and the other half actually are Green Bay fans.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Buccaneers fans have a bit of an identity issue. They can't decide if they want to be a wrestler, a unicorn or that lady on that lanyard that is clearly not that man.

Jacksonville Jaguars


If there's one tradition all Jaguars fans embrace, it's the seventh inning stretch. It's sort of along the lines of the "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" mentality, only one fan yells, "It's the seventh inning somewhere" and everyone gets up and stretches. It's great fun.

New York Jets

Courtesy of Michael J. LeBrecht II / 1Deuce3 Photography / Via

Young Jets fans duke it out with Hulk hands for tickets to the game. As you can tell, this kid was the winner, and his poppa is so very proud.

Carolina Panthers / Via

The Wisconsin Badgers have the "Jump Around" tradition, and now the Panthers have that tradition, since nobody actually goes to the game and they all watch it from some place with astroturf as carpet.

Baltimore Ravens


Ravens fans love the "Y.M.C.A". And "In The Navy." Also "Macho Man". Pretty much any Village People song. Is that group from Baltimore? Doesn't matter, because that's where they're loved.

Washington Redskins


You know the movie "Mad Max"? Okay, well replace the black leather with an indian headdress, and Mel Gibson with Josh Gad, and you have every single Redskins fan.

Seattle Seahwaks

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports / Via

Seattle Seahawks fans look like upset swamp tourists. Or someone who just realized that the person streaking on the field is his mom (hint: the dude to the left).

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