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    Joe Manganiello Is So Friggin' Good-Looking It's Not Even Fair

    People should not be allowed to be this attractive.

    Thirty-seven years ago, the world was gifted with the birth of this beautiful man. In case you don't know, this is actor Joe Manganiello:

    And a couple years ago, he started to go gray.

    Immediately launching him to another level of unfair attractiveness.

    I mean, just look at him.

    Not only can he totally pull off the longer hair look...

    And the shorter 'do...

    But every other hairstyle in between also looks great on Joe...

    So it should come as no surprise that he is also able to model a scruffy style, as well.

    Although his dapper look cannot be beaten.

    Plus, he looks good in glasses.

    And in black and white.

    Practically everything about this man is perfect.

    Including his jawline and profile.

    And we are all blessed to be witnesses.

    Joe Manganiello: the future silver fox of your dreams.