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    Joe Manganiello Is So Friggin' Good-Looking It's Not Even Fair

    People should not be allowed to be this attractive.

    Thirty-seven years ago, the world was gifted with the birth of this beautiful man. In case you don't know, this is actor Joe Manganiello:


    Yes, this is the guy dating Sofia Vergara. But he's also done a lot of other stuff too, like Magic Mike and True Blood.

    And a couple years ago, he started to go gray.

    Getty / Jason Merritt

    Immediately launching him to another level of unfair attractiveness.

    Getty / Jamie McCarthy

    I mean, just look at him.

    Getty / Frederick M. Brown

    Not only can he totally pull off the longer hair look...

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    And the shorter 'do...

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    But every other hairstyle in between also looks great on Joe...

    Getty / Mat Hayward
    Getty / Jason Merritt
    Getty / Frederick M. Brown

    So it should come as no surprise that he is also able to model a scruffy style, as well.

    AFP / Getty Images

    Although his dapper look cannot be beaten.

    Getty / Michael Buckner

    Plus, he looks good in glasses.

    Getty / Jason Kempin

    And in black and white.

    AFP / Getty / ROBYN BECK

    Practically everything about this man is perfect.

    "The Tonight Show" / NBC / Getty / Mike Coppola

    Including his jawline and profile.

    Getty / Mike Windle

    And we are all blessed to be witnesses.

    Getty / Mark Kolbe

    Joe Manganiello: the future silver fox of your dreams.

    Getty / Michael Loccisano

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