Jay Bruce, The Man Who Couldn’t Hit A Single: A Children’s Baseball Tale

We all have our struggles.

Jay Bruce likes baseball, and he plays baseball professionally for the Cincinnati Reds. But he has a problem: he can’t hit a single. On June 16th, he went 1-4. And that hit was a home run.

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The very next day Jay went out and thought to himself “Single. Single. Single,” but the results were the same: 1-4 with a home run.

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Then things changed for Jay Bruce. On June 18th, he said, “No home runs today!” and went 0-4.

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No home runs was progress, but what Jay wanted was a single. All the other kids hit singles. Brandon Phillips hit singles. Joey Votto hit singles. On June 19th Jay screwed up again. He tried for a single but hit the ball too far and it ended up being a home run.

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And then he did the same thing on June 20th.

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And again on the 21st.

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This streak of single-less games made Jay angry. Unfortunately, he took that anger out on the ball and hit TWO home runs on June 22nd.

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With seven home runs in his last seven hits, Jay became upset. “I just want a single,” he cried from the dugout. “Then don’t hit the ball so hard,” replied his teammates. “That’s it!” exclaimed Jay, “I won’t hit the ball as hard as I can.”

And so Jay hit the ball not-so-very-hard.

Al Behrman / AP

But that didn’t work and on June 23rd he ended up with two doubles.

Gene J. Puskar / AP

And so it’s been eight games and 34 at bats since Jay’s last single, with some believing he’ll never hit a single ever again. Keep trying out there, Jay. We’re all rooting for you.

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