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Dear Divorcées, What's The Secret To Making A Marriage Last?

I know it sounds odd to ask, but we know you have some great insight. So tell us.

It's common to ask long-term married couples for marriage advice, but that's only one half of the picture. So that's why we're asking you — the ones who have a different point of view — about the secret to a successful marriage.

You can tell us what went wrong or why it didn't work out, but try to stay away from very personal stories like, "Maybe don't sleep with one of my bridesmaids, Mark..." and instead think of this as an exercise where you get a redo on your marriage. What would you do differently or what would you tell yourself?

While long stories are certainly welcome, try to boil it down to the basic point: What is the ONE THING someone should know about marriage in order to make it work?

Examples: “Always show appreciation, even for small things. It could very well make your significant other’s day.”

“Remember to laugh off the little things and take on the big things together.”

“It’s never going to make things better to attack one another during an argument.”

OK, now it's your turn. Tell us in the comments below.