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College Kicker Pulls Off Incredible Behind-The-Back Onside Kick Worthy Of Billy Elliot

His footwork is so fancy.

With just over two minutes to go, and trailing the Houston Cougars 26-31, the Rice Owls had no choice but to go for the onside kick. And with the entire stadium expecting it, the Owls somehow surprised everyone with the best onside kick we've ever seen.

As you can tell, the timing of the recovery was perfect, but the kick itself was a thing of beauty, as Rice's kicker channeled his inner Ronaldhino and smacked the football by bending his leg around the back of his plant foot (also known as a "rabona kick" in soccer).

You literally cannot draw it up better than that.

Despite recovering the ball, the Owls were unable to score and lost the game. But what's more important: winning the game or making a super-cool play? Well, winning the game, obviously, but making a super-cool play is a nice consolation prize.

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