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    Badminton Brawl Breaks Out In Canada

    There's a "black card" in badminton, and this guy really earned it.

    During the badminton doubles finals of the 2013 Canadian Open, a fight broke out between Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit — two former Thai Olympic badminton teammates. As the two teams were switchings sides, Issara suddenly sprinted after Jongjit, chasing him onto an adjacent court.

    After pulling him down, Issara began to punch Jongjit and even landed a knee to the back.

    Jongjit was able to escape when coaches and tournament staff jumped onto the court and held down Issara.

    Issara was shown a black card — disqualification — but alleges that the fight started when Jongjit hit him with a racket. The Badminton World Federation is investigating the incident.

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