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Alabama Fan Freaks Out, Attacks OU Students With Flying Fists Of Fury During Bowl Game

Maybe if she was on the field, Alabama wouldn't have lost.

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During Thursday night's Sugar Bowl game between Alabama and Oklahoma, one feisty Bama fan got a little confrontational with what appeared to be an unlucky Sooner student.


Thankfully, she was pulled away before things turned violent.


Psych! This crazy person faked everybody out with the oldest trick in the book (pretending to walk away) and then launched herself into a pile of OU students, as if she were a professional wrestler and not a woman in a houndstooth jacket at a football game.


And as several fans tried to restrain her, she busted out her Mortal Kombat moves and Lui Kang-kicked the shit out of everybody.


Then she started attacking another Oklahoma fan, but fell down on the steps before any further pain could be delivered. Probably because all of that fighting tuckered her out. Also maybe booze.


Alas, she was calmed down by security and forcibly removed because apparently you can't do that to people.

Roll Tide.

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