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Aaron Rodgers Makes It Really Hard For Rival Fans To Hate Aaron Rodgers

Turns out this Packer's got jokes.

While covering the murder investigation involving Aaron Hernandez, veteran ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap mistakenly remarked that "there is a lot of evidence...implicating Aaron Rodgers in the death of Odin Lloyd." Shortly after the slip-up, Rodgers tweeted this:

There's no way to tell whether or not Aaron Rodgers was seriously upset over this mistake, but based on his other tweets, it doesn't seem like the man takes things too seriously. Even a Bears fan must admit that he's quite the jokester on Twitter. For example:

He loves Juwan Howard and continually refers to him as "Juwanna Man".

In regards to who he's cheering for in the Stanley Cup...

He sympathizes with the Sasquatch community.

His references demonstrate a refined knowledge of television and cinema.

He's also in touch with today's youth.

And insightful on political issues.

He's got good anecdotes.

And then there's stuff like this...

As a Chicago fan I wish I could hate you, Mr. Rodgers, but you're just so damn likable.