5 Reasons People Hate Sports — That Sports Fans Secretly Understand

    Even diehard fans think these things sometimes.

    People hate sports in a way they don't hate other forms of entertainment. You never hear someone say forcefully that they can't stand police procedural TV shows and hated the kids in high school who liked NYPD Blue. And as a sports junkie, I want to know why. Like, actually why — as in, "Who cares if someone can hit a ball with a stick?" is not a real argument. You can use that logic on any form of entertainment. Who cares if someone can hit a string tied to a wooden box (music)? Who cares what happens to someone who doesn't exist (television/film)? So I surveyed my friends and the internet for legitimate reasons why people hate sports — reasons that even sports fans can at least understand. Here are the good ones.

    1. People Take Them Way Too Seriously

    2. They're Everywhere, All The Time

    3. The Games Are Boring

    4. They're Too Complicated

    5. They Remind People Of Childhood Trauma

    So, we have to admit that those are five OK reasons not to like sports. Of course, there are many positive things about sports as well, like how it's awesome when you really want your team to win AND THEN THEY WIN. Man, that is the best. On the whole, then, sports still rule to the max. As you were.