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    Posted on Nov 15, 2013

    33 Reasons Andrew McCutchen Is The Coolest

    Everybody loves him, you ain't messing with McCutchen.

    33. Because he was the cutest little kid.

    32. Who went from this...

    His childhood home in Fort Meade, Florida.

    31. To this...

    30. By doing it the old-fashioned way through hard work...

    29. And always being on top of his game.

    28. Not to mention that he has ridiculous range in the outfield.

    27. And his footwork is phenomenal.

    26. Same with his dance moves.

    25. Because he supports the other teams in his city.

    Getty / Justin K. Aller

    24. And he's not-so-secretly a momma's boy.

    Getty / Justin K. Aller

    In fact, his mother sometimes sings the National Anthem before games.

    23. Because he has the best hair in sports.

    Getty / Elsa
    Getty / Elsa

    22. And he's like a more relaxed version of James Bond.

    21. Okay, I take it back. He is James Bond. Minus the whole being an international spy thing.

    20. But in all seriousness, his fashion game is straight out of Rent-A-Swag.

    19. And I'm pretty sure his smile cures depression and once saved a puppy.

    Getty / Rob Tringali

    18. Because he's basically a little kid at heart.

    17. Who just likes to have fun.

    16. Even when he's playing baseball.

    15. Which is why kids love him.

    Getty / David Maxwell

    14. And why celebrities want to be his friend.

    13. Heck, even opposing players want to hug him.

    Getty / Dilip Vishwanat

    12. Probably because he's super cool and can do handstands.

    11. Or because he can juggle.

    10. Or maybe it's because he's not afraid to dive into Halloween. Or makeup, for that matter.

    9. But it's most likely because he's really good at baseball.

    8. Like, literally MVP good.

    7. With ridiculous speed.

    Getty / Thearon W. Henderson

    Just look at this form! It's like an Olympian sprinting out of the blocks!

    6. Mad hops.

    Getty / Justin K. Aller

    5. And a beautiful swing.

    4. Plus, he pays respect to his leader Zoltan.

    3. Has cool handshakes with teammates.

    2. And somehow makes these tribal tattoos look good.

    1. Yep, Andrew McCutchen is pretty much the coolest guy around.

    Getty / Brian Kersey