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19 Signs You're Addicted To Dogs On Instagram

"But... I love him."

1. You "like" more photos of strangers' dogs than you do of your own friends.

2. You have audibly gasped at the cuteness of a puppy photo.

3. You know the Instagram URL of the dogs you follow.

4. And truly feel like you actually know them.

5. Because these aren't just Instagram accounts of dogs. These are Instagram accounts run by dogs.

6. You've seen a photo and thought "Classic [insert dog name here]."

7. You've seen a photo and thought it was the best photo in the history of photos.

8. But you didn't know how to tell people that, so you just liked it and hugged your phone.

9. You've gone down a rabbit hole of corgi videos.

10. You've looked at the entire Instagram history of a dog you don't know.

11. Or the entire Instagram history of a dog you do know... again.

12. You've tried to pet a dog through your phone.

13. After you've showed someone a photo, you've judged them based on their reaction and whether or not it was the proper level of excitement.

14. The number of dogs you follow is slowly starting to outnumber the amount of people you follow.

15. And your friends have said something about it.

16. Which is why there are a few accounts that you won't officially follow, even though you look at their photos every day.

17. Because you'll never really admit it, but sometimes the happiness of your day depends on whether or not your favorite dog posted something.

18. Which is why you follow a bunch, because if one doesn't post something, you have backups.

19. But the biggest sign that you're addicted to looking at dogs on Instagram is that you've literally said "It's an addiction!" when looking at photos of dogs on Instagram.

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